Combining intricate guitar playing with memorable vocals that carry their fragility with confidence, Jonas Noack’s performance is all in service of the song. The finely crafted lyrics that form the centre of his songs distil personal experiences and careful observations down to poetic moments of longing (“When I Draw On Your Face”), tell moving tales of loss and mortality (“My Father’s Hands”), while never losing sight of the possibility for failure (“The Story I Cannot Tell”). With his talent for creating fascinating characters, a willingness to take an honest look at life’s difficult moments and an unassuming, authentic stage presence, Jonas Noack is carving out a place for himself on the songwriter scene.

Born in Freiburg, Germany, Jonas Noack spent most of his childhood in a small village in France, where he grew up speaking German and French. When he discovered and old acoustic guitar in his parents’ attic, his life was changed in an instant. Music became a constant companion, he spent his adolescence playing guitar in various projects and experimented with different genres. It wasn’t until he stumbled upon the English and American folk traditions in his early twenties that he started to seriously devote himself to writing songs in English, which had become his third language. He spent countless hours listening to Harry Smith’s Anthology of American Folk Music, watching Pete Seeger’s Rainbow Quest or figuring out how to play John Renbourn’s “Judy”. Gradually expanding his influences, Noack started to read widely and decided to move to Frankfurt to study English literature. He began to perform at open stages, slowly incorporating more of his own songs into the sets. Since he started sending out a home-recorded demo of original songs, various experienced performers and songwriters have recognized his talent and given him the opportunity to share their stages. Noack has since played with a number of national and international acts, including Markus Rill, Biber Herrmann, John Statz, Tim Grimm, The Great North and Ad Vanderveen. Today, songwriters like Leonard Cohen, Townes Van Zandt, James McMurtry or Taylor Goldsmith are as much of an influence on him as authors like William Faulkner or T.S. Eliot. He currently lives in Frankfurt, where he is preparing to record his first album.